jasmins little space

Hi there! 👋

Hey, I’m Jasmin, your local agender chaos goblin from Germany. My pronouns are they/them, but you can also use sie/ihr if you’re referring to me in German.

Some facts about me:

  • 🐶 I’m always curious to learn new things, doesn’t matter if it’s useful or not. Funfact: my polycule is a planar graph.
  • 🤖 I love to automate things. Not because I’m lazy (well, that too), but because it’s fun.
  • ♿ Accessibility and inclusivity are priorities. My impact as a software engineer might be small, but still: it’s a decision whether I want to exclude people or not. And I definitely don’t want to.
  • 🍳 Ask me anytime about my favorite recipes, as cooking is one of the things I love to do. 😌

📮 How to reach me

I’d prefer communication via Matrix, I’m available as @jasmin:catgirl.cloud there. If we already know each other, we can also use Signal.

Other platforms

🐶 wruff!

yes, I bark from time to time. deal with it.

🤗 Thanks to

Thanks to all my partners letting me feed and cuddle them, love you all ❤️