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Enabling accent character selection on KDE Plasma

After re-installing my Arch setup from scratch and installing my favorite desktop environment, KDE Plasma, again, I realized that I was missing one specific feature: holding down the “regular” keys to get a selection menu for accented/alternative characters.

An example? One of my metamours has the à inside their name. Unfortunately, I’m lazy and out of this laziness I first chose the regular à. Although I think that it’s not a big deal, I still find it disrespectful.

Luckily, I found Nate Graham’s blog post about said feature really quick. I’ve opened vim, edited /etc/environment and added the QT_IM_MODULE=plasmaim line.

Voila, now it’s enabled and I can write the name of my metamour as intended! 😄

Note (2023-08-14): It looks like the above environment variable breaks with the so-called “dead keys”, e.g. ^. Therefore, I just set the QT_IM_MODULE` to the empty string, in order to have my dead keys on Wayland again.